Easily Extend Your LAN Across a Wide Area Network (WAN)

The Millenium VPLS Service combines the privacy of Private Line services, the simplicity of Ethernet, and the performance and resiliency of MPLS IP-VPN into a single solution. With VPLS service from Millenium, your business can leverage Ethernet technology to maintain the privacy and control of your VPLS network across locations without sacrificing performance or management simplicity.

VPLS Features & Benefits

  • Achieve the highest levels of network performance, cost-efficiency and scalability with competitive SLAs/Class of Service (CoS) options
  • Choose from a variety of bandwidth and delivery options that can scale as needed
    • Ethernet over Fiber from 45 Mbps to 2.5 Gbps
  • Easily connect data centers, storage area networks (SANs), or disaster recovery centers
  • Easily create a full mesh network
  • Maintain network control - no need to share address/routing info with the service provider
  • Maintain separate network domains as if they were on the same Ethernet LAN, regardless of location
  • Privately and reliably transport both IP and non-IP traffic over the same network
  • Reduce costs by streamlining network management and avoiding unnecessary equipment expenditures