Network Services

The right network for your business

It’s all about delivering exceptional experience.  From the first time we engage with you, to how we work with you to build your solution, and through day-to-day interactions with our team, you’ll notice from day one how much different and better Millenium is from other service providers as we believe better solutions demand door-to-door delivery of communications traffic.

Curious about our network coverage?

The core of the Millenium IP/MPLS network is a mesh of multiple lit waves, connecting Millenium network nodes and peering PoPs which can take you virtually anywhere. The Millenium IP/MPLS backbone runs across its own fiber/sdh facilities, supported by terabit-capable core routing platforms and high-capacity private peering interconnections. This network design delivers maximum end-to-end throughput as well as high levels of protection, redundancy, and Quality of Service required to support latency sensitive services such as Voice over IP. The Millenium IP network utilizes an advanced IP design, ensuring scalability as well as the ability to offer advanced future IP services plus the added benefit of no single IP point of failure past the customer access port.